This beautiful work transcends race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation as everyone in the human family must one day face the death of a loved one.

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About the Book

In creating Never Long Enough – a unique book about the end of life, Rabbi Joseph H. Krakoff and artist Dr. Michelle Y. Sider brought together their many years of professional expertise with families. Krakoff drew on lessons learned largely through counseling adults and children wrestling with death, grief and remembrance. Sider’s years working as an artist, arts educator and psychologist influenced her approach in creating evocative images that demonstrate how art can help to unlock emotions and heal the heart. Together, they crafted an interactive keepsake book for families and friends, complete with pages to add personal reflections thereby transforming the book into an individualized tribute to a loved one.

Never Long Enough author Joseph Krakoff
Rabbi Joseph Krakoff

Never Long Enough is designed to be read along with someone nearing the end of life — or, it can be read by mourners after a death. Whenever this book is opened, it becomes an active invitation for conversation, lifting up memories and preserving the legacy of someone’s life.

For many years, I’ve been working with families to guide them through honest conversations about the legacy and the values that remain even as someone we love dies, Krakoff says. This text has already comforted so many families through this difficult, emotionally charged time.

Never Long Enough author Michelle Sider
Michelle Sider

I’ve seen how art can help people express themselves, bring out their feelings and tell stories. By weaving the words and art together, I hope the reader will move slowly through the pages and reflect deeply on the words. Reading and responding to this book as an individual or with loved ones becomes a very compelling and helpful experience. says Sider.

Krakoff originally developed the thought-provoking text while in Rabbinical School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City. As he shared that text with families, he realized that powerful imagery would heighten the healing process of reflection. Sider, inspired by the text, envisioned pairing phrases in the poem to original art. Using various techniques, she created stirring images that powerfully illuminate the text, are inclusive of different ethnicities, religions and relationships and culminate in a final, powerful blend.

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Praise for Never Long Enough

A beautiful book, poetic and wise and comforting. Read it for yourself and for those you love.

Rabbi David Wolpe
Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA

In this work, Rabbi Krakoff and Dr. Sider express with an elegantly simple sensitivity the goodness with which Almighty God stamps the loving bonds that make up the fabric of our mortal existence. I am confident that this beautiful book will help those who mourn find comfort in recognizing the blessings God gave them through their loved ones who have passed from this world to the next.

Archbishop Allen Vigneron
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, MI

Never Long Enough is just what the doctor ordered and definitely what God inspired. This beautiful work transcends race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation as everyone in the human family must one day face the death of a loved one. And when that happens, we inevitably ask God, “Why now?” Even when my grandmother died at 94 and my father at 38, I equally felt that I didn’t have them long enough. Yet, the comforting words contained in this cutting-edge book touched my heart fifty years after my father’s death and eighteen years after my grandmother’s death. As you read these pages, you will agree that life is Never Long Enough.

Reverend Kenneth Flowers, Pastor
Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Detroit, MI

Additional Quotes from Grateful Readers

This is a tender book which will penetrate your soul, bringing comfort and hope in a time of loss. If read only with your eyes, it will take but a few minutes to appreciate the gentle beauty of the words and art. This book is meant to be read by your heart, your bones, your memories, your eyes and ears. It is for your soul—for comfort, healing, restoration to gratitude for the life you shared with someone for whom life was never long enough.

Benjamin Pratt

Stunned by the recent and unexpected loss of two very close family members, the book has provided some much needed comfort. Each page contains meaningful ideas that help you organize your own thoughts and process your new reality.

Casey Long

This book is absolutely beautiful and touching. Every person who has ever lost a loved one can find peace in each and every page. I am so grateful to the authors for providing me the opportunity to celebrate the legacy of dear ones and who no longer walk this earth.

With the help of the beautiful poetry and powerful images contained throughout Never Long Enough, I felt a sense of deep comfort and profound peace as I recalled so many of my deceased loved ones who I still miss every day. This book is a must have!

Book Signing & Speaking Events

Friday, July 7, 2017

Rabbi Krakoff will be speaking on Never Long Enough and signing books at Label’s Table Deli

Label’s Table Deli
9226 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90035


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dr. Sider will be speaking on Never Long Enough at Young Israel of Oak Park

Young Israel of Oak Park
15140 West Ten Mile Road
Oak Park, MI 48237

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Rabbi Krakoff and Dr. Sider will be speaking on Never Long Enough at the Jewish Book Fair

Jewish Community Center
6600 West Maple Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48322