Never Long Enough: Finding comfort and hope amidst grief and loss

By Rabbi Joseph H Krakoff & Dr. Michelle Sider

About the Book

Never Long Enough book cover

Never Long Enough is an illustrated poem about losing a loved one that evokes emotion, honors precious memories and provides comfort.

For those seeking comfort and solace

This book is meant to be shared with a person nearing the end of life or with family and friends grieving the loss of a loved one.

By people who know and care

Never Long Enough was coauthored by an expert in grief counseling and illustrated by an expert in art therapy.

To unlock emotions and heal the heart

The book is designed to create an emotional experience. Through stirring words and images, the reader is encouraged to recognize and express their feelings as they honor the memory of their loved one.

Through darkness of grief to vibrant colors of life

As the illustrations move from black and white to full color, this book ushers the reader through their feelings of loss toward acceptance.

Rabbi Krakoff and Dr. Sider are available for book signings and speaking events.

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