Old man little girl holding hands drawing by Michelle Sider

A Reflection on Grief and Mourning

There is truly no set period of time for the experience of grief. It is a process that is unique to every person and to each loss. Too often frustration and irritation directed internally interfere with the linear, problem-solving part of our brains that tries to tell us that we should be over our mourning by now. But emotions have a life all their own and are best dealt with by recognizing, honoring and confronting them as they develop. What is certain is that every person is on their singular pathway toward healing, a pathway as distinctive and wide-ranging as is each individual.

A formidable, multi-dimensional human reaction to a deep sense of loss, grief often leads the bereaved onto an emotional roller coaster that has both its up and downs, depending on any number of events. Because of its unpredictable nature, it is fundamental that bereaved individuals allow themselves permission to embrace the hours, days and months needed to grieve at their own pace and in their own way.

Without a doubt, it is most helpful and appreciated if loved ones and friends resist from attempting to artificially lead the bereaved individual speedily through the mourning experience. Grief propels human beings into a ‘new normal’ that hopefully will incorporate a journey of discovery and self-actualization. Ultimately, when finding a place of healing, they will then gain the ability to progress forward.

Something that may help

Never Long Enough: Finding Comfort and Hope Amidst Grief and Loss was intentionally created to guide bereaved individuals (and those facing the end of life) on a personal pathway of healing. By using thoughtful phrases, evocative illustrations and purposeful cadence, we seek to help loved ones recognize and honor their grief while cherishing and celebrating their precious memories. The meditative words and stunning images work together to slow down the reader, pleading with them to linger for as long as they wish and to move at their own pace from grief to healing. Each page contains a separate and important idea in the process of grieving, remembering and life review.

As one reader recently stated:

This is a tender book which will penetrate your soul, bringing comfort and hope in a time of loss. If read only with your eyes, it will take but a few minutes to appreciate the gentle beauty of the words and art. This book is meant to be read by your heart, your bones, your memories, your eyes and ears…

Never Long Enough makes a substantial statement about the process of mourning and grief and is an invaluable resource for recognizing and expressing feelings of sympathy, memory and unconditional love.